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Who doesn’t love good, quality, wholesome, fresh food. Food, after all, is the stuff of life – nourishment, energy, satisfaction and well-being. There is nothing like biting into a newly picked peach, succulent and dripping with juicy, ripe goodness; a warm baguette fresh from the oven with just the right balance of texture and chew; a handmade chocolate made of lightly whipped ganache with just the slightest snap of chocolate shell upon your first bite.


Like most people who struggle through long, snowy, northern winters, New Englander’s await the spring with baited breath – longing for the days when daylight extends beyond 4:30 p.m. and patiently waiting with anticipation for the day when the asparagus springs up and strawberries are ripe for picking.


Unlike much of the America, where factory farms dominate, New England is home to millions of acres of local, sustainable, family owned farms – some of this land has been in business since the Colonial era. The farms are productive, having developed a niche market for those who care about localism, quality, and fresh food. In New England, you actually can shake the hand that feeds you. And beyond the farms are artisan bread makers, chocolatiers, wineries and the best seafood imaginable. Whether you’ve lived in New England your entire life or are planning to visit, you’re in for a special treat.

Here at Fresh New England we find the best local food and food related activities in the region and share them with you. What treasures await.

Welcome to Fresh New England. We hope you enjoy the site!


Fresh New England

Get inspired to love & support local food. We have some great ideas sprouting up so browse our site for more delicious finds.

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