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Liat Racin, owner of Tamim Teas, was kind enough to let us interview her and let us sample and taste the teas. We love that she sources from local family farms and is dedicated to creating pure and wholesome tea blends that help and heal while tasting delicious!

 First off, tell us about your business!

Tamim Teas is the nation’s first herbal tea company to be exclusively dedicated to the benefits of American grown organic medicinal mushrooms. I carefully pair these functional mushrooms with tasty organic herbs to enhance both the flavor and beneficial properties of each mushroom.

 How did it all come to be? 

I first learned about medicinal mushrooms when my good friend in college contracted an immune deficiency disease and was recommended to integrate functional mushrooms into his diet for immune system support. I, too, soon started to drink mushroom tea with him upon learning about all their amazing health benefits and long-time use in eastern medicine. But, to my dismay, it was so so difficult to find locally grown organic medicinal mushrooms. Most of what I could get was imported from unknown sources, and much of what was available on the market was in the form of processed pills or powders. I wanted the real deal!  

That’s how Tamim Teas came to be born. I strive to share the cherished tradition of medicinal mushrooms in the same way as they have been used for centuries – as a tea – and in its purest, most wholesome form – organically and locally grown by family farms!

What is your background and did you always want to be doing this? 

 My professional background is in ecology! Upon completing my post-doctoral work, I knew that I’d take time away from academia to pursue the passion of sharing the wonderful benefits of medicinal mushrooms.  I still enjoy teaching and research, but medicinal mushrooms are my true calling and nothing means more to me now than sharing this ancient treasure!
Tamim Teas is a woman owned enterprise (just me!). I do get a ton (a TON!) of support from my husband, Alon, and for that I’m thankful.
 What is behind your business name?

Tamim means purity and perfect in many different languages including Hebrew, Urdu and Arabic. I just love the way its meaning fits our mission and how the meaning transcends so many cultures.

What has been the most challenging part about having your business? What has been the most rewarding or fun? 
Every day presents different (often surprising) challenges, and these challenges are actually tied to the most rewarding parts of having the business. Some challenges include learning how to design marketing materials (i.e. our logo, website, packaging) and dedicating most of the weekends to vending at farmer’s markets and fairs for community outreach (very little free time). But when doing these things, I build skill-sets and meet so many different people from my community. I feel enriched from the experience.  I would say that some of the fun times include meeting family farmers who are absolutely dedicated to the craft of growing high quality medicinal mushrooms. I love visiting the farms and seeing their passion for growing them first-hand. 
Are you originally from New England? How has the New England community played a roll in your business? 
I was raised in New York, and also in Curacao – a Caribbean island where my mother is from. Moving to New England and forming Tamim Teas in my 30s seemed to happen simultaneously. I had the opportunity to meet so many organic mushroom farmers in the area and this has helped us tremendously with high quality sourcing for all our tea products.
What are your favorite things about New England? 
There are so many great hiking trails, and I love foraging for wild fruits and mushrooms!

What does the future look like for your small business? Any grand plans? 
We just launched five of our immune-boosting blends in eco-friendly canisters to create a collectable and iconic new product line! These loose leaf canisters, both recycled and recyclable, offer nearly double the amount of tea and feature a front facing window in the shape of our logo, a mushroom teapot, which is really eye-catching. It also underlines our commitment to quality and sustainability, and I love how it can be reused.
Where can we find you or your product in the future?
We are a small company and largely depend on word of mouth for growth. If you think our teas would be a lovely addition to your favorite local café and/or health food store, we are grateful for your recommendations and tips – info@tamimteas.com
Buy direct online at www.tamimteas.com and in select stores 
List of stores can be found here  – https://www.tamimteas.com/about-us/
Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tamimteas/

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