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hot chocolate

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Guide

(image by Half-Baked Harvest)  It’s cold out there. The best way to stay warm and cozy this is a big cup of hot chocolate   Click on the links below to find…

Mushroom Hunting

Wild mushroom hunting season has officially begun in New England. Whether you’re a novice or pro mushroom hunter there are plenty of places to find wild mushrooms around here. There are also…

Cherry Strawberry Streusel Cake

We raise a glass to the streusel cake that has so much fresh fruit, we can’t decide whether to eat it for breakfast or dessert. Put those locally picked strawberries and cherries…

strawberry yogurt pops

Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt Pops

  Elspeth gives good food advice. Whenever she posts a new recipe or food discovery I instantly want to try it – maybe it’s that we live so close (she’s just on…

smashed white bean salad tartines

Smashed White Bean Salad Tartines

In French, tartines are formally defined as a slice of bread. In every day terms, however, they’re what we’d call an open-faced sandwich and can be made from whatever toppings you’d like.…

buttery mushroom and clam pasta

Buttery Mushroom and Clam Pasta

We recently spent a day on Cape Cod and couldn’t help but notice how many people were out digging for clams. The fact that it was freezing, didn’t seem to matter –…

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