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Hazelnut Plum Tart

  In my last post I mentioned that I’m working on a new food project. I can’t give away all of the details yet but we’re getting ready to launch a new…

Dark Chocolate Milk Jam Tart And A Giveaway

Spring has finally arrived. It won’t be long now before the sun is shining and the daffodils are in bloom. As is always the case with this time of the year, we…

hazelnut tarts

Hazelnut Tarts with Chocolate and Orange and a New Year

How quickly time flies. It’s almost 2011 and it seems everyone is scrambling to recap the year, make resolutions and create measurable goals and objectives to chart their progress and make their…

Cherry Almond Tart

The entire yard is blossoming into shades of purple, pink and green. I’ve never had wisteria before and I can tell by the thickness of the branches that it’s old. Old and…

tart chocolat

Tart Chocolat

  To me, keeping life simple is important. That’s why it’s been interesting to watch my neighbors make their lives extremely complex. Over the past two years, I’ve watched them tear down…

  • I dream about food. Then when I wake up I want to eat the food I dreamed about. Paul Newman