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pasta with squash sauce

Pasta with Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Sauce

Finding a delicious pasta sauce recipe that isn’t dominated by tomatoes is no easy task. Thankfully, after a bit of trial and error, we’ve come up with a tasty nutritious recipe for…

sweet potato latkes

Harissa Sweet Potato Latkes with Spiced Yogurt

Potato latkes are a tasty potato pancake.  Harissa Sweet Potato Latkes with Spiced Yogurt, Mint and Pomegranate, elevate the standard potato pancake to an art form. This recipe calls for local sweet…


Thai Sweet Potato Soup

Thai Sweet Potato Soup with Lemongrass and Ginger Harvest season is here and sweet potatoes are hitting farm stores and farmers’ markets all over New England. Packed with beta-carotine and antioxidants, sweet potatoes…

Vanilla Rumchata Caramel Flan

Discovering that your chocolate-hating, dessert-despising husband loves caramel flan is the discovery of the century! When my husband and I visited my hometown of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a distant memory flutters…


Rustic Parmigiano Polenta with Greens

Creamy Polenta We’ve officially entered the coziest season of the year. The mittens are out, the fireplaces are lit, and everyone is craving dishes that satisfy. Polenta is an Italian cornmeal dish that…

Fluffy Gluten-Free Pancakes

Anyone who has tried to make really good gluten-free pancakes knows how difficult it is. Thankfully, The Bon Jon Gourmet, has spent the past 2 years perfecting the recipe. They’re even dairy…

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