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Sweet Wild Blueberry Baskets with Almond Mascarpon...

Sweet Wild Blueberry Baskets with Almond Mascarpone Cream

blueberry baskets

blueberry basket close-up


At the beginning of fruit season, my husband and I mark our calendar with picking events in the region. The goal? To gather as much fresh fruit as possible – strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. New England winters are long and cold. Being able to access canned and frozen fruit in the house sustains us through the dark and dreary days while reminding us that spring is not too far away.

Now that spring is here our frozen fruit supply is dangerously low, which is why I was thrilled to find Hatch Knoll Farm Wild Maine Blueberries at a local market. As expected, the tiny dark blueberries were bursting with rich berry flavor and a hint of wild spice. Once I tasted them, I had to make the blueberries the focal point of this year’s Easter dessert.


Voul au vent collage


Luckily, the dessert also happens to complement the vintage blue table cloth I purchased at a local antiques store. I love shopping locally and supporting community business owners.


easter plates


The good news is that spring has sprung and I’m now able to stand on my leg for more than 10 minutes at time. I’ve been taking my camera on short daily walks, enjoying the nice weather and capturing some lovely spring images for you.


easter roses

Spring collage
baby duckling


The duckling’s mother was extremely and understandably protective. Fortunately, I managed the snap the photo before she chased me away (and she did chase me).

As for the dessert, it’s very easy to make. Simply roll out a sheet of puff pastry, coat both sides in sugar, and cut into the vol-au-vent shape. Fashion a few small handles out of the remaining dough and bake at 425 degrees until golden. Then fill with a mixture of 1 small package mascarpone cheese, 2 tablespoons softened butter, 1/2 teaspoon almond extract and enough powdered sugar to make it as sweet as you like. Fill the pastry shell with the mascarpone, attach the handle and add the blueberries. It’s that simple.

As for the leftover cutouts. I baked them and used them to make wild blueberry petite fours. Delicious.

What desserts are you making to celebrate spring?


blueberry petit fours


Happy Easter and Bon Appetit!


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  1. Karine

    3 April

    Almond blueberry mascarpone? That sounds amazing!

    I am also very looking forward to the summer. Last winter was not bad at all in Toronto. Actually, we did not hate a snowstorm (weird but true). But I am a winter hater and a summer lover. Let’s bring summer! 🙂

  2. Audrey

    3 April

    Happy Easter to you! This post is stunning. I love the creative and unique basket you made. What am I making? Chocolate mousse. Not much related to spring but super tasty!!!

  3. Beautiful!

    And that tablecloth is a find for sure. I’ve been meaning to get out and do some antique shopping – you’ve inspired me!

  4. Mimi

    3 April

    Glad that you are able to get about a little better. Your blueberry baskets look so lovely. We will be eating our Easter hats for dessert.

  5. Ash

    3 April

    okay, I just totally love this!! These are just utterly amazing!!
    Great photo’s once again!! 🙂

  6. What a gorgeous dessert! refined and sos pring-like!



  7. puff pastry + quality fruit + cream = bliss!
    love the tablecloth too. beautiful shade of blue. glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better.

  8. Irene

    3 April

    Lovely, lovely! Thank you for sharing this with us! I have a thing for vintage tablecloths and this one is absolutely wonderful. I just love the flower details.

  9. Maria

    3 April

    Happy Easter! Gorgeous photos and dessert!

  10. Sharon

    3 April

    Awesome to see these photos. The tablecloth is so pretty but do you have to iron it?

  11. Jane

    3 April

    Gorgeous dessert and equally gorgeous photos in this post! Lovely images.

  12. Happy Easter! This is a lovely lovely dessert! I adore fruit and cream pastries. How wonderful that you got to snap a photo of the baby duckling!

  13. Jo

    4 April

    Happy Easter and the pastries are so cool. I especially love the basket one and the pictures are fantastic.

  14. Memória

    4 April

    These baskets are too cute!! I love your photos. Did you make the puff pastry? If so, what recipe did you use?

  15. What a gorgeous spring dessert – I’ll have to get back to you in 6 months on my next line up! 🙂

    I remember all the lovely fresh fruit in New England from my time there. The berries in particular.

    That photograph of the duck above also reminded me of a cover of the Globe one year around this time. From memory there was a mother duck, and a whole string of baby ducks in tow (I think in the Common) and they were all yellow but one little black duck. I wish I had a copy, it was priceless!

  16. Breathtaking dessert… so many great things in one place… if you buy the puff pastry it is soooo easy..

  17. El

    4 April

    Memoria, the puff pastry is recipe is from Baking with Julia, Any puff pastry recipe will work.

    Sharon, the answer is yes. Ironing is a requirement. I hate ironing but it’s worth it.

  18. veron

    4 April

    Oh my god, that blueberry basket with almond mascarpone cream looks delicious! I also love the picture of the adorable duckling!

  19. Delish Dish

    5 April

    Lovely tribute to spring El. Hope you had a nice holiday!

  20. Beautiful photos that lead to pensive and lovely thoughts. And what a beautiful dessert. The cream and berries and puffy pastry is the perfect tribute to this season. I have been away so haven’t had an Easter Dinner for the first time in my entire life… and for the first time in about a thousand years, I haven’t cooked one. It is my favourite meal to prepare as it is an ode to Spring and the beautiful freshness that is yet to come. Thank you for this recipe and the photographs. Happy Spring to you, El!

  21. Steph

    5 April

    Gorgeous again. Inviting spring photos and drool worthy dessert. I’m so glad I found this blog!!

  22. kellypea

    6 April

    *Love* the new look here! Really lovely. And I’m swooning over the photos. Great finds at the shops, and the signs of spring are so perfect…I can always count on you to give me a dose of life elsewhere. The cute little dessert is a bonus.

  23. Sarah in Brattleboro

    6 April

    El, it looks fabulous. what a great new look to wake up to with my morning coffee. Keep up the great work. You’re helping to keep me sane!

  24. dawn

    6 April

    ohh the baby ducks, the baby geese, how i love them. i want to hold them and kiss their heads so much. hard to capture a photo of them as momma is super protective and i don’t have a long distance lens. nicely done photo though, i mean really.

  25. Love these little baskets. What a perfect way to showcase your blueberries. The petit fours are charming too!

  26. michaela

    6 April

    what a darling spring post!

  27. redmenace

    6 April

    Gorgeous pictures! I am similar to you. I pick and pick and pick all summer long. I hoard the berries because, around here in the winter, there isn’t a berry to be found. I love the way these turned out. Lovely job!

  28. Chloe

    6 April

    So so glad to hear you’re getting better. Luv the dessert, so pretty!

  29. wooow,,,basket full of berries looks perfect n delicious dear,,your photography is excellent spring pics are nice and esp duckling looking soooo cute…

  30. What lovely creations!
    Your photographs are beautiful, the duck is so cute.

  31. Melissa

    7 April

    Simply gorgeous

  32. Hai dear,,,thanks for stopping by n for ur sweet comments dear,,, am gonna be ur regular visitor saved ur blog in my list…will meet u soon.take care.

  33. Luciana

    8 April

    Love the duck, the dessert and the dishes. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!!

  34. Sophie

    8 April

    What a master piece & what a georgous creation too!

    Wonderful dessert!

    MMMMMMM,..fab pictures too!

  35. I could melt. The little ducky is so beautiful and the table and dessert are just magical. I wish I ate Easter dinner at your house!

  36. Such beautiful pictures and your desserts look amazing!!!!

  37. Carla

    9 April

    Where did those fresh blueberries come from?! I thought they were a summer crop and now I’m jealous that the East coast gets some while we West coasters have to wait. No Fair!

    Lovely post as usual…What are you using to create such beautiful pictures?

  38. Y

    9 April

    What a beautiful dessert. Love those Spring images too, especially the duckling!

  39. El

    9 April

    Carla, they are a summer crop. They’re fresh and frozen from Maine. Thanks for the input. It’s a Nikon.

  40. This is too cute. i love everything-the tablecloth, the blueberry baskets and the photography.

  41. Anali

    10 April

    Love the tablecloth! That duck is so cute! Glad to hear that your leg is getting better. You sure have had to be quite the trooper this past year. And you’ve done it with such beauty and grace. Stay strong El! ; )

  42. tasteofbeirut

    11 April

    These are lovely and what a treat to look at those photos!

  43. Juest peeking back for your genois recipe and the petit fours for the bottom layer of an idea I have for individual birthday cakes for my mom’s 80th birthday… lots to think about. :)… and certainly, a lot of inspiration here.

  44. Gorgeous, gorgeous post! I love the new header too. The baskets are truly inspired. Your blog makes me happy =) x

  45. Rae

    12 April

    Oh El, how gorgeous. This is better than a magazine!

  46. Deeba PAB

    15 April

    You took my breath away with this post… it’s beautiful!!

  47. What pretty photos. I think it’s about time I started playing with puff pastry 8).

  48. M.

    10 May

    wow!!! amazingly looking….just mouthwatering….great photos 🙂

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