When you shop locally you:

  • Help support local businesses.
  • Protect the character of your community.
  • Keep local dollars in the economy.
  • Help protect the environment (factory farmed food uses a lot of resources).
  • Help create jobs.
  • Increase your home value (yes, towns with independent local business districts tend to have higher home values).
  • Safeguard your families health. Fresh is best.
  • Protect New England’s beautiful scenery. Yup, buying from farms helps preserve land.
  • Discover amazing new and delicious food items you’ll never find at a big chain store.
  • Play a larger role in your community. Shake the hand that feeds you.
  • Have fun. Local frame, shops and food establishment are more lively, creative, beautifully decorated places to visit – especially compared to box box stores.
  • Even if you just replace one of your holiday items with a local product, you’ll be making a difference in your community. We’re going local this year. We hope you join us!


(pictured: Harbor Sweets)






Fresh New England

Get inspired to love & support local food. We have some great ideas sprouting up so browse our site for more delicious finds.

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