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All About Ramps

It’s time to make the most of ramp season. Ephemeral wild ramps (also known as spring onion, wild leek, wood leek, and wild garlic) are considered rare delicacies in some parts of the world. They’re considered a species of special concern in Main and Rhode Island and “ramp festivals”  generally aren’t encouraged because it would mean harvesting them in unsustainable quantities. In Canada, ramps are banned for commercial sale, but there is a black market where illegal foragers pull up ramps to sell to chefs on the QT. Fines for ramp poaching run into the thousands of dollars.

If you’re fortunate enough to find ramps in small quantities at your local farm or farmer’s market, give them a try. The flavor of a ramp is somewhat like a cross between a leek and garlic. They’re quite tasty and are also good sources of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. All you need to do is cut off the end, strip off any dead exterior and wash thoroughly. Yes, you can eat the leaves. Make a game plan though, because they’re expensive.


We’ve put together 23 of the best ramp recipes to get you started. Enjoy!

1. Miraculous Rice-less Risotto with Ramps and Asparagus – My New Roots

2. Ramp, Asparagus and Arugula Linguine – Design Sponge

3. Sprouted Quinoa & Ramp Sliders w/ Garlicky Cucumber Slaw – Dolly & Oatmeal

4. Flatbread With Ramps & Pecorino – In Bed

5. Breakfast Polenta with Wild Ramps & Mushrooms – A Better Happier St. Sebastian

6. Simple Asparagus & Ramp Soup with Rustic Spelt Bread – The First Mess

7. Simple Sautéed Ramps with White Beans on Toast – With Food & Love

8. Ramp Butter – Nerds with Knives

9. Quinoa Salad with Ramps, Peas and Herbs –  Tending the Table

10. Roast Chicken with Ramps, Lemons & Honey – Milk & Mode

11. Wild Rice Bowl with Ramps, Asparagus & Snap Peas – A Better Happier St. Sebastian

12. Giant Beans with Ramps and Ginger – Betty Liu

13. Pickled Ramps – Local Kitchen

14. Ramp Pesto Pizza with Razor Clams – Wild Greens and Sardines

15. Ramp Chimichurri – A  Couple Cooks

16. Spaghetti with Asparagus, Burrata and Ramp Pesto – Eat In My Kitchen

17. Goat Cheese Pasta with Ramps and Hazelnuts – Vanilla Bean Blog

18. Quinoa and White Bean Burgers with Ramp Chili Pesto – What’s Cooking, Good Looking

19. Morels And Brick Cheese On Rye, With Ramp Leaf Aioli – Forager | Chef

20. Wild Leek Ramp Fritters – Health Starts in the Kitchen

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