Tips for Making the Perfect ear of Corn on the Cob


If you haven’t seen this video on corn shucking  it’s worth watching. This guy is great and it’s amazing how quickly and easily the husk comes off after microwaving. There’s only one problem.  While the technique is quick and easy, it makes the corn kernels a bit tough and chewy. Also, cooking in the husk imparts a slightly different flavor to the corn. It tastes a bit “farmy”, if you will. Of course, this isn’t a big deal if you’re in a rush but If you’re really into having the perfect piece of summer corn, here are some options.


We’ve tried various iterations of this technique and unfortunately if you cook the corn for any less than 4 minutes, on any other power but high, the husk is difficult to remove. So, we came up with our own adaptations of this method. We these methods when it’s too hot outside to turn on the stove.




1. Cut of the ends of the corn as shown in the video. Set the microwave power to “7” and cook each ear for 3 minutes. Remove the corn and set on the kitchen counter. Using  a sharp knife, cut the husk lengthwise and push back the silk with a paper towel. The silk comes off fairly easily and the adjusted time and temperature keeps the kernels tender. Unfortunately, the corn still tastes a bit “rustic.”


2. Husk the corn. Rinse the corn and while still wet, wrap each ear in a chlorine-free paper towel. Set the microwave power to “7” and cook each ear for 3 minutes. You still have to husk but you don’t need to turn on the stove. The corn tastes great.


One more thing. If you decide to remove the kernels from the corn with a knife, avoid pushing the knife against the cob to extract the whole kernel. The whole kernel is tough and mealy. Instead, glide the knife along the cob, removing about 3/4 of the whole kernel. The corn will taste much more tender and delicious. Of course, a liberal dose of butter and salt help too.



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