Potato Salad with Dill and Horseradish Aioli


There’s nothing like the flavor of a locally grown potato. Local potatoes are abundant in New England and you’ll find plenty of them at your local farms and markets between now and Thanksgiving. Each variety lends itself to a slightly different flavor and the colors are beautiful – red, gold, purple, blue. The purple potatoes, in fact, are known for their antioxidants and health benefits. Next time you want a good, filling snack, consider the New England grown potato.


As far as potato salad is concerned, it can go one of two ways. There’s the classic 1970’s potato salad that you can still find in some supermarket deli counters. It consists of overcooked potatoes that are grown far away, sliced into tiny bits and suffocated in gloppy mayonnaise. Or, there’s the lighter, French-style potato salad, made with an oil-based dressing or homemade mayonnaise that seeks to emphasize, not hide, delicious local potato flavor. Luckily for us, New Englander, food writer and photographer Brian Samuels has brought us an exquisite recipe for local potatoes: potato salad with dill and horseradish aioli. If you’re looking to dazzle your friends and neighbors at your next cookout or picnic, you’ll want to try this recipe.


You can check out Brian’s sensational photography here or settle in to read his popular food blog, A Thought for Food. Now, onto the amazing recipe for potato salad –  selected and prepared from the book, Vegetarian Everyday.




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