Pork Banh Mi Burger

Money Can’t Banh Mi Love

Okay, really bad pun. Forgive us….now onto banh mi.

Did you know Banh mi is the Vietnamese word for bread? The Banh mi sandwich in Vietnam combines a soft Vietnmaese baguette with local Vietnamese ingredients. Vietnamese-Americans brought this tasty delight with them and they’re now sold across the United States. In New Orleans, it’s called a Vietnamese “po’boy” and in Philadelphia, it’s called a “Vietnamese hoagie.”

Alyssa from The Modern Proper is kind enough to share her recipe for a unique twist on the sandwich, the Pork Banh Mi Burger. Made with fresh, ground pork, pickled veggies and local green onions, this is one recipe the whole family will enjoy. Click here for the full recipe and enjoy!


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