Watch Out for Poison Ivy: Look & Learn

Last week we were walking at a wildlife refuge that majestically overlooks the Rhode Island coast. We immediately noticed parents with young children brushing up against the numerous poison ivy plants that dotted the path. We alerted the family and they were both grateful and and surprised. A short while later, we watched a mother and son climb ocean rocks covered in poison ivy while wearing shorts and flip-flops. We alerted them and the mother responded, “Thank you. I thought poison ivy was only in the woods.”

The fact is, poison ivy (as well as poison oak and poison sumac) is a robust plant that grows all over New England. From wooded paths to beach sand (yes, we’ve seen it on the beach), poison ivy is all around us. If you accidentally encounter it, you can end up in utter misery.

Fortunately, a local New Englander has set up one of the most comprehensive poison ivy sites on the web. There, you can learn to identify the plant in all it’s forms and through all the seasons so you can avoid the plant all together. You’ll also find ideas on how to treat it, in case you do come in contact with the beast.

Visit the website by clicking here.

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