Pick Your Own Peaches 2019

Peaches are here!

Peach picking is a great adventure. Here in New England peaches are generally harvested in July and August.

Plan your peach picking in the morning to ensure you get the best crop. Once you arrive at the orchard, you’ll be given a container and directions to the location of the peaches. Peaches are completely ripe when they turn a reddish hue. Make sure you pick them from the tree – don’t pick them up from the ground.

Every orchard will have different peach varieties. Cling peaches have fruit that attaches to the pit. Freestone peaches have fruit that is not attached to the pit, which makes them easier to use for baking or canning.

Here’s a great recipe to get you started: Cinnamon Grilled Peaches with Mascarpone.

Click on the links below to find peach picking near you. Be sure to call ahead to check availability and hours of operation.


Bishop’s Orchards – Guilford

Drazen Orchards – Cheshire

Ellsworth Farm – Sharon

Holmberg Orchards – Gales Ferry

Lyman Orchards – Middlefield

Starberry Farm – Washington


Berry Best Farm – Lebanon

Libby & Son – Limerick


Apex Orchards – Shelburne

Belkin Family Lookout Farm – Natick

Boston Hil Farm – North Andover

Brooksby Farm – Peabody

Carlson Orchards – Harvard

Carver Hill Orchard – Stow

Clearview Farm – Sterling

George Hill Orchards – Lancaster

Parlee Farms – Tynsgboro

Shelburne Farm – Stow

New Hampshire

Alyson Orchards – Walpole

Applecrest Farm – Hampton Falls

Butternut Farm – Farmington

Carter Hill Orchard – Concord

Rhode Island

Hill Orchards – Johnston

Sunset Orchards– North Scituate

Sweet Berry – Middletown


Champlain Orchards – Shoreham

Shelburne Orchards – Shelburne

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