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New England Living is magical. Fresh New England celebrates all of the goodness and beauty that comes from life in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. From the crunch of autumn in Vermont to summer sunsets in Rhode Island, we’re here to share our unique way of life.

New England Living: Home

Our home section is for those who love the beauty of New England architecture and living. Find great ideas to bring flair to your home, New England style.

For example, we’ve got a great article about Vertical Living in Vermont by contributor Jenn Bakos and a great holiday Easter Egg exportation just for you.

Backyard Gardening

We really plan to get into backyard gardening this year. Learn how to transform your garden from the ground up. Get ready for some fun. In the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous article helping you identify spring blossoms in New England.


Our wellness section explores areas that help you protect your health and safety in New England and also shares articles that promote your well-being.

Just in time for better weather, here’s how to identify poison ivy. Hint: it’s everywhere!

Our goal is to help you live your best New England life.