Mushroom Hunting

Wild mushroom hunting season has officially begun in New England. Whether you’re a novice or pro mushroom hunter there are plenty of places to find wild mushrooms around here. There are also plenty of wild mushroom clubs in New England to help you get started on a safe and fun foraging experience.

Many New England Mycological Clubs have been around for years and all of the New England organizations have wild mushroom experts on hand. They also welcome people of all ages and hold events regularly so be sure to visit their websites.


Maine Myological Association


Boston Myological Association

Pioneer Valley Myological Association


Monadnock Mushroomers Unlimited


The Mushroom Hunting Foundation

Now, onto the mushroom recipe. Sarah from The Vanilla Bean Blog developed this incredible recipe for Forager’s Pie. There is probably no better way to wrap up your mushroom hunt than with this recipe and she was generous enough to share it with us today. You’ll also want to browse through her beautiful blog for additional inspiration. Here is the scrumptious, comforting autumn recipe for A Forager’s Pie.


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