A quick internet search for the perfect burger recipe will leave you with over 70 million Google entries. That’s right, 70 million entries telling you the secret of the perfect burger is in the seasoning, the grilling, the shaping, the cheese, or in the condiments. There’s probably an element of truth in each special recipe but what good does it do to get the best locally ground meat or make a perfect veggie burger or a grill a fresh fish sandwich and then serve it on a dried out supermarket bun? This is where Chez Us comes in with their amazingly scrumptious homemade hamburger buns. The recipe is quite easy to make and you will not regret the results.


Chez Us is the creation of Denise and Laudalino, California residents with strong ties to New England who began whipping up great recipes out of their 20 square foot kitchen years ago. Now they have more kitchen space and a wonderful food blog, Chez Us. You’ll definitely want to check out their blog and give the recipe for homemade hamburger buns a try. Turns out there is no such thing as perfect burger without a great bun.



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