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Honey-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Homemade Granola ...

Honey-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Homemade Granola and Dried Fruits

full frozen yogurt

Snow. Glorious snow! At last count, we were up to 16 inches with more to come. We can’t open our back door because the snow is too high. Even the streets have yet to be plowed. Needless to say, it’s a great day to be inside making dessert. I decided to opt for something sweet and crunchy: Honey-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Homemade Granola and Dried Fruits.

spoon of frozen yogurt
The recipe is remarkable easy to make and the flavor is incredible. I tend to make more granola than necessary so I can pour what’s leftover into a jar and eat it for breakfast. If you want to be decadent you can even toss in a bit of chopped dark chocolate.
scoop up
It’s definitely a good day for kicking around in Ugg boots, watching the snow fall outside the window and gobbling up a bowl of this sensational treat. So, tell me friends…how’s the weather where you are?
eaten frozen yogurt
Honey-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with Homemade Granola and Dried Fruits


Honey-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt


400 g thick vanilla yogurt (either use Greek yogurt or line a sieve with paper towel and allow regular yogurt to drain over a bowl for 30 minutes)
140 g good quality honey
55 g heavy cream
350 g light cream
20 g vanilla extract


Mix ingredients. Pour into ice cream machine and process as directed.


Homemade Granola with Dried Fruits


455 g oatmeal (I always use Silver Palette brand because it holds up well for granola)
30 g corn oil
100 g honey
40 g coconut
100 g sliced or slivered almonds
100 g dried cherries
50 g dried cranberries
10 g vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line large baking sheet with a Silpat.
Place oatmeal in a large mixing bowl and toss with corn oil. Mix in honey, then coconut, then almonds. Spread out onto cookie sheet and bake for about 15-20 minutes or until golden brown. Flip half way through baking to ensure it cooks evenly. Once golden brown, remove from oven and immediately return the mixture to the mixing bowl.
Toss mixture with 1 tbs vanilla and mix in the dried fruit. Allow to cool completely before eating.
Directions: Scoop frozen yogurt into a bowl, top with granola, and enjoy.


Bon appetit!



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  1. That looks lovely! Granola is addictive and your combo is just heavenly.

    Great shots!



  2. Both the frozen yogurt and granola look and sound fantastic! I must make it next week when we finish our new year’s detox. I can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s no snow in London and the weather actually feels like early spring. I’m so glad I enjoyed snow during Christmas. I wish you a great new year!

  3. It sounds like a delicious and healthy dessert. I could almost eat this for breakfast without any feelings of guilt.


  4. Jess

    12 January

    Hi, El. What do you think about using plain Greek yogurt (instead of vanilla)? I hope you’re enjoying the snow. I am!

  5. Anna

    12 January

    We have lots of snow on the ground here, but none falling from the sky. The frozen yogurt sounds great but I might have to save it for a time when I’m not so chilly. Enjoy your snow day, they’re the best!

  6. El

    12 January

    Jess- I think it would be fine but I suspect it would be fine depending on your taste. I suspect it will be more much tart and much less sweet with plain.

  7. Janet

    12 January

    El, you did it again! Stunning photos. I know it’s cold out but I’m always in the mood for ice cream!!

  8. Sue

    12 January

    Granola is exactly what I put on top of my frozen yogurt so this post is right up my alley. Looks really delicious.

  9. I just love when I see an update on your site = ) I really like the contrast in colors, against the bowl and what I contains… Honey Vanilla.. it’s a great combination, right? Granola, dried fruits.. all I love.

  10. MeetaK

    13 January

    the frozen yogurt got me here but adding granola is a great excuse to indulge in this for breakfast! love it!

  11. RamblingTart

    13 January

    Oh El, you make the simplest things so wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚ Adding a bit of dark chocolate is an inspired idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Sally

    13 January

    Mmmm. As usual, your photos are beautiful–it’s funny how New Englanders (myself included) love ice cream or will eat frozen desserts even when the snow is piling up outside. I am inspired to take out my ice cream maker later today. Thanks, El

  13. I have to agree with Meeta, the honey-vanilla frozen yogurt is what caught my eye, but the granola makes it healthy right? I always love a frozen dessert that doesn’t require making a custard base!

  14. Fortunately it has about 5ยฐC, so all the dirty snow has melted. I really DO NOT like winter and snow and coldness. So I’m glad for every degree warmer. Last weekend it was even warm enough to cycle to the farmers weekend (10ยฐC in the sun).

    Your frozen yogurt sounds fantastic, although I think I have to wait until it’s warmer for everything frozen. I always make granola myself, too. I love it to change the flavor every now and then just a bit (like adding cocoa or maple syrup). Adding warm milk instead of cold is also a very good thing in the cold season for granola.

  15. Amanda

    13 January

    Hello! I’m new to your blog but I absolutely love it! You make me want to make granola too!

  16. Deeba PAB

    13 January

    Great great dessert option, and I could wake up to this for breakfast happily the next morning. Love the flavour combination … mmmm!

  17. Medifast Coupons

    13 January

    This is the healthiest way to enjoy a frozen treat! With an easy to follow recipe this could be done anytime. The honey compliments the frozen yogurt granola well!

  18. Anonymous

    13 January

    Excellent recipe. Glad I found this blog!!

  19. I don’t think I ever appreciated baking as much until I got to the east coast. On these days surrounded by snow, it’s nice to have the house warmed up by a hot oven and sweet aromas emanating through out.

    I like that the frozen yogurt recipe goes straight into the ice cream machine without heating. I’ll have to look out for the Silver Palette rolled oats. I use regular rolled oats, but now I wonder what I cold be missing.

    By the way, I tried your ultimate chocolate ganache cupcake recipe, which was so good that I polished a couple before they got iced with ganache. LOL! I’ll have to make another batch for pictures.

  20. I love a good snow day. Looks like you made the most of it. Your granola sounds delicious!

  21. El, As always, your recipes and photography are superb – Thank you so much for all that you give to this world!

  22. Asha @ FSK

    13 January

    What an idea! Thumb up weather by making something cold and enjoying it in the warm inside!! perfect revenge ๐Ÿ˜€

    Its cold here.. but I am keeping warm with stews and such :)))

    homemade granola is simply the best!

  23. Jennie

    13 January

    Horray for snow! We got a big storm here in eastern Canada as well. I LOVE everything about this treat you made! The use of the greek yogurt and honey- perfect!

  24. Sharon

    13 January

    One thing most people don’t get is how much we New Englanders love ice cream. My apt. can be freezing and I still want it! This recipe looks amazing. YUM!!!

  25. I really appreciate the frozen yogurt recipe as I make my own yogurt and make my own ice creams and sorbets all of the time. This is the best recipe I have seen in ages – and honey with homemade granola? Perfect. I make my own granola, too – and always have some on hand. When I am a bad girl, I eat it with ice cream instead of with my yogurt. NOW I can eat it with FROZEN yogurt. How perfect is that???

  26. kelly

    14 January

    I wouldn’t mind being snowed in and would probably spend it the way you’ve described. But we’re finally getting some of the weather we should have gotten last summer, and I’m stuck at home with a plumber in my garage. It’s been clear most of the week and today is 75! I think I have that blue bowl…love transferware ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Perfect combination, eating granola while it’s snowing outside.
    Great view from the window!

  28. Sanjeeta kk

    15 January

    Love the idea of frozen yogurt, a great to to good health! Like the nutty granola.

  29. Sarah

    15 January

    Super granola. I have to make this recipe soon!

  30. Jas.

    16 January

    Oh this looks delightful! I just made strawberry frozen yoghurt and had a ball photographing the frozen treats (and subsequently eating them!) Will certainly try this sweet honey frozen treat1

  31. UrMomCooks

    18 January

    Oooo awesome idea to make frozen yogurt for this dish!!! (Maybe the time in the house during cold weather helps the ideas to flow…)I would love to try this!

  32. Juliana

    18 January

    El, this is such a great combination…granola with vanilla frozen yogurt…even tastier with honey vanilla…beautiful photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I’ve never thought to put frozen treats together with granola and I love your idea! It looks fantastic, too.

  34. After the holidays I can’t think of anything better than a dessert like this… good for me and utterly delicious! The pictures are so mouthwateringly good!

  35. Having a treat like this would certainly make the snow bearable! I love making granola but have never tried making frozen yogurt. I can’t wait to try it because your photos make it look irresistible!

    We have about 5-6 inches of new snow on the ground this week. Nothing compared to our record snows last year!

  36. Cristina

    20 January

    I’d like to visit a place that has snow. So beautiful. In So. California it’s like Spring or beginning of Summer weather.

    I just made granola this morning…I’m going to try your recipe next time. Lots of good, wholesome ingredients!

  37. Ingrid

    20 January

    I love the idea of frozen yogurt in the winter. Isn’t New England the ice cream capital of America? LOL. Great pics by the way!

  38. Mimi

    20 January

    You have managed to make granola and yogurt into a very polished dessert.

  39. Oh my goodness! This looks delicious!
    Thanks for the recipe.By the way your pictures are great.

  40. I just discovered your blog today and look forward to reading more. Your photography is wonderful. You have great light!

  41. you know, I really think I’m going to make this. It looks right! It looks healthy but delicious and just a good idea all around.

  42. Anushruti

    3 February

    This looks fresh and delicious! Makes me crave the yogurt and wish I could have a scoop off your bowl!

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