Is there any stronger memory of summertime than the sound of the ice cream truck rolling down the street? As the truck approached and the music got louder, neighborhood kids tore across their lawns, barefoot and tripping over sprinklers to be the first in line. What to get? A push-pop? A Hoodsie? An ice cream sandwich? How about a Fudsicle? Creamy chocolate goodness on a stick. The only truly challenging task was to eat it before you got melted chocolate all over yourself.


Now you can reproduce this classic summer treat right in your own kitchen. Food blogger and New Englander, Tracey Wilhemsen, shares this wonderful recipe with us on her food blog Tracey’s Culinary Adventures – where she whips up fun and delectable recipes from scratch. You’ll love her site. And, you will love this simple and easy to make recipe for homemade fudgsicles.




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