Gardening for Beginners

Why Learning to Garden Matters

Gardening should be accessible to everyone. Whether you have an apartment balcony or a country estate, live in the city or the country – a successful garden can be grown virtually anywhere.

Gardening offers numerous health benefits. Gardening reduces stress, increases self-esteem, reduces the likelihood of dementia, helps regulate the immune system, builds muscle and coordination, and improves depression and mental health. Plus, all of us know how good it feels to be outdoors surrounded by nature and breathing in the fresh air – especially right now.

Gardening not only surrounds us with beauty, but it’s also good for the environment. Gardens provide a haven for wildlife and food for bees. They provide us with protection from the scorching sun and absorb water in flood-prone areas.

Even one garden can make a difference to our planet.

Imagine what will happen if we all create our own small gardens. Our garden sits next to our neighbors garden. Their garden abuts another garden and so on and so on. Soon we’ve created our own neighborhood ‘park’ or habitat for wildlife, not to mention a place of peace and beauty for ourselves and the earth – something we all need in these trying times.

About this Series

Many publications about gardening assume you already know quite a bit about the subject. Learning tips about how to prune roses isn’t particularly helpful if you’ve never planted anything before. This is why we’re starting from the beginning and sharing what we’ve learned about gardening.

Over the upcoming weeks and months, we’ll be digging in and discussing essential aspects of gardening – no experience required. With each article, we’ll provide essential information that we’ve learned over the years to help you get your garden started. We hope you join us.

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