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Easter Egg Decorating


Headed out to the store to buy the same Easter egg decorating kit you had when you were six? There’s nothing wrong with tradition but wouldn’t it be great to try something new, creative and fun?

Here are 16 unique ideas for your local eggs this year. Links to instructions are above each photo.


Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs from Your Homebased Mom

easter egg decorating


Feathered Easter Eggs from Frugal Mom

easter egg decorating


Watercolor Eggs from Grow Creative easter egg decorating


Wood Grain Folk Art Easter Eggs from Flax & Twine

easter egg decorating

Blue and White Eggs from The Casual Craftlete easter egg decorating


Blueberry Jam Dyed Easter Eggs from Wonderwood easter egg decorating


Metallic Easter Eggs from delineate your dwelling easter egg decorating


Eggshell Seedlings from Home-ology easter egg decorating


Tattooed Easter Eggs from Boulder Locavore

easter egg decorating


Jackson Pollack Dyed Eggs from Grow Creative easter egg decorating


DIY Picture Easter Eggs by Wilma easter egg decorating


Easter Eggs a Few Ways from Christine Chitnis



Pantone Easter Eggs from How About Orange

easter egg decorating


Speckled Easter Eggs from I Try DIY

easter egg decorating


Decoupage Eggs from Honestly Yum

easter egg decorating


DIY Marble Indigo Eggs from Alice and Lois easter egg decorating

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