Cherry Almond Tart

Cherry Almond Tart and milk

The entire yard is blossoming into shades of purple, pink and green. I’ve never had wisteria before and I can tell by the thickness of the branches that it’s old. Old and beautiful. I love the way it looks when the petals fall on the worn brick path. The lilacs are fragrant and the pink azaleas are glorious. The garden colors inspired the Cherry Almond Fruit Tart I made this week.

wisteria branch
wisteria collage
Cherry Almond Tart whole

To me, gardens are peaceful, serene and give rise to contemplation. In the garden, surrounded by flowers, a young family member asked us about our work. So here’s the question of the day – do you love your work?

If you are passionate about your work, how did you get there? What makes it special? If not, what would it take for you to find something you’re absolutely excited about and how would you do it?

Cherry Almond Tart and ribbon fork

While you ponder the question, I hope you join me in this Delicate and Delicious Cherry Almond Tart. It’s the right balance of sweet offset by a hint of sour cherry. Imagine it with a scoop of cherry or vanilla ice cream. The slices are perfect for picnics.

Delicate and Delicious Cherry Almond Tart


140 g. sugar
400 g. butter
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
455 g. flour

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla with dough hook just until combined.
Add flour and mix until smooth. Do not over mix.
Press dough into tart pan, dock with fork and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
Line shell with pie weights and pre-bake about 8 minutes – just until the sides firm up a bit.
Remove to a metal cooling rack. Lightly srinkle crust with cinnamon and place the cherries on top of the crust.


250g fresh or defrosted frozen cherries, pitted or 1 jar drained
3 eggs
100g sugar
75g unsalted melted butter
1/4 tsp. almond extract
100g sifted almond powder
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
Almonds to decorate

In a stand mixer, whisk the eggs and sugar until a thick, about 8 minutes. Fold in melted butter, extract the almond powder. Pour this mixture over the sour cherries and sprinkle with Almonds.

Cook tart for 30 minutes until it is evenly golden brown and filling is cooked.
Cherry Almond Tart bite

Bon appetit!

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  1. El, I love the thought provoking questions you ask. First, I just wanted to tell you that this tart reminded me of one that I enjoyed in Carpentras in the South of France. The bakery used fresh cherries, and I know this because I found a cherry pit in the center of my slice. It was absolutely delightful, as I imagine your delicate cherry almond tart is.

    Seeing the pictures of your wisteria flowers and lilacs make me quite nostalgic of the garden I had in California.

    It has been a busy few months for me having to juggle work, a move, and other changes in life. Despite the sometimes stressful schedule, I do look forward to everyday and love what I do for a living. I’ve always known that I wanted to work (1) in a fast-paced environment with (2) intellectually curious colleagues, and (3) stay current with what is going on in the world, and my job fulfills all three prequisites. My job also pushes me to think more deeply about the world, one example that I am working on right now is the implications of the oil spill in the Gulf.

    How I got here and what I always recommend to college students is to be persistent, maintain high standards for yourself, and find as many good role models as you can to help guide you to wherever you want to be.

  2. Yes, I can safely say that I am doing what I love everyday. It’s not ecstatic euphoria, but a quiet, steady contentment with where I am in my life and where I’m going. Wasn’t an easy decision to leave the corporate world…after spending 7 years in it, you get accustomed to all the material benefits of a stable salary, but it reached a point where the material side wasn’t enough. So today, I have less money, but I’m so much happier for it and it shows in my relationships.

    I think its important to constantly ask ourselves questions like this to reconnect with ourselves. The answers are not always easy to accept, but at least it generates awareness, and with awareness comes change. Of course it also helps to have a garden as beautiful as yours in which to recharge and reflect πŸ˜‰

  3. lovely post, Yes I love what a I do, I did choose to be at home with my two girls, but I still continue to go to school which I love it gives me a chance to expand my mind, I am truly grateful for my life and I wake up everyday truly energized with love..lovely tart and your pcitures are stunning..hope you are feeling better..


  4. Lovely, lovely post. You always ask questions that get me thinking and I’m not happy with what I do for a living. I’m not entirely unhappy but I chose to stay home with my 3 kids and there are days when I feel a bit depressed and trapped. I would love to find something that I love to do when the kids are a bit older but right now I’m stuck between yearning and guilt. If anyone has any advice, please, please offer it up!

  5. Loving this tart and the warm, spring feelings you bring. Work? It’s work. I think about this a lot actually. It’s interesting but it’s not my passion. I’m not really sure what my passion is or if I’d be willing to lose my paycheck over it!

  6. I was just aching for a cross section photo – and there it was. Wildly delicious looking – beautiful lilac hues and the scent of spring in the air with this gorgeous tart. I always look forward to your artistic take and your yummy recipes. I am an almond fan and everything almond appeals to me… especially cherry almond.

  7. I like my work because it allows me to be creative. The customers are a sometimes a little nuts but the work is meaningful. Love the tart and the garden! Amazing photos.

  8. Beautiful tart, and very beautiful flowers. I agree, there is something very peaceful about a garden that will have you contemplating many things.
    You must enjoy taking pictures and sharing your life with others, and it shows in your writing. Thanks for the great post.

  9. Thanks for the DMBLGIT award! It has been an honour to receive it πŸ™‚

    And this almond cherry tart looks scrumptious and tempting!!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  10. This is one gorgeous tart! I’m on a cherry overdrive these days and this fits in beautifully with my obsession! One question… is that 400gms butter in the crust? I HAVE to make this tart soon!

  11. Beautiful post – what a combination, the wisteria are just wonderful. I have one – also thick-trunked, that hugs my house on three of the four sides. Its ancient. It blooms for just a few weeks but when it does…it’s my favourite thing. And on feeling energised; not so much at the moment I am afraid, but I am working on that πŸ™‚ LB x

  12. Hi Deeba, Thanks for the comments. Yes, it’s 400 grams of butter and 455 grams of flour. Leftover dough freezes well.

  13. Stunning spring photos. Love the tart. My day to day is great. My colleagues are smart and funny and I generally enjoy my work. I think I’m lucky. I might bring this tart in to the office this week!

  14. Dear El, I’m sorry you haven’t been well and hope you are getting stronger each day. I missed several months work last year from illness too, and it really forced me to evaluate my life. I made some big changes. Right now I’m working 3 jobs while I build a foundation for my dream job. Slowly but surely I’m getting there, and I’m loving the process, even though it’s exhausting and scary sometimes. πŸ™‚

  15. Great looking tart and lovely flowers.
    I have to say I have the perfect life. I pretty sure it comes from being grateful for the every day things that make life so incredible.

  16. El,

    These photos are straight out of a magazine. I instantly felt calmness and serenity when I arrived.

    Can I say I love my job? No. As a matter of fact, some days I really dislike it, but it helps pay the bills and in an economy like this I’m glad to be working.

    For those who love what they do for a living … bravo!

  17. Heather- I’m not sure. Wikipedia says that any almond filling is a frangipane. I thought it required almond paste to meet the definition. I’m still learning so if anyone out there knows, fill us in!

  18. So beautiful and I can taste it right now – such amazing ingredients! El, your site is stunning – I learn so much for you every time I visit!

    Just thinking about the frangipane chat – no expert here, but it seems that all the ingredients you list make it an almond paste and, thus, a frangipane. Almond paste is nothing but ground almonds, sugar, egg white and almond extract. I have tried to make my own but it just cannot compare to the high-quality commercial version available in stores.

  19. David, That’s an excellent point. I never looked at it that way. This recipe just isn’t as thick as the traditional frangipane I’m used to making with the store-bought paste. I completely agree about the almond paste. A local store here imports it from France and it’s wonderful.

  20. i am smitten with your brick path and totally jealous of your wisteria. how beautiful!
    i’m glad that you are starting to feel a bit better. interesting questions you asked… ideally, i’d be spending my days running my own small farm and designing botanical theme items on the side. one day i hope that will come true.

  21. “On a daily basis, are you doing what you love?” What a question El. I certainly try to, I certainly intend to. Do I succeed in doing so? Well, that’s another thing. Sometimes you need to compromise and sometimes you just get too comfortable in your everyday life that changing it- even if it is for the better- is not easy.
    I love your photographs and I love the look of that tart. Always such great recipes.
    I wish you all the best El, I wish you have your health back as soon as possible. I know that without it, nothing else really matters.

  22. Live the life you love, love the life you live. And while you are doing that bake an amazing, beautiful, springtime tart with cherries and almonds…

  23. Cherries and Almonds make such a wonderful pairing. I love what I do and look forward each day to cook, write and take pictures. And also make my endeavours at good parenting skills, some inherent and some that need to be acquired!

  24. This is one tempting looking tart. Looks pretty easy too so I may have to give it a try. Hmmm. You always ask the tough questions. Answer? For the most part. I wish my work were more creative though!

  25. I don’t think I’ve seen a tart more lovely. A delicious combo as well! I wish I could tell you I was satisfied in my current role working at home, but I’m not. I love the writing I get to do, but I miss working alongside others. I hated being a lawyer in lots of ways, but at least it was social! I am sending you healthy thoughts.

  26. This tart looks so beautiful, it would be almost a shame to eat it. Almost. πŸ™‚

    Your photos are so beautiful, and my heart strings tugged when I saw your lilacs. My mother used to grow the most gorgeous, fragrant lilacs and I miss them!

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