Cocoa Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies

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We’re ready to say goodbye to winter this year.. It’s nice to have the change of seasons in New England, but I desperately long to kick off my woolly boots, pack up the long underwear and say goodbye to slush and snow.

I know, we still have a long way to go before the daffodils peep out from the ground. I can tell because I’m still craving rich and buttery hibernation foods. Fortunately, this cookie is extremely easy to prepare and gives you just a taste of nuttiness without being too heavy.

chocolate cookie collage

Cocoa Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies


80 g. creamed butter
1 tsp. tsp. vanilla
55 g. powdered sugar
1 egg
160 g. all purpose flour
1 tbs. cocoa powder
1/2 cup extra cocoa powder, sifted and set aside


115 g. melted dark chocolate
50 g. butter
110 g. Nutella or other hazelnut spread

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Whip together the butter, vanilla, powdered sugar and egg. Incorporate the flour and 1 tbs. cocoa powder and mix until combined. Form into disk, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate about 20 minutes.

In the meantime, make the filling. Whip the melted chocolate with the butter until cool. Add the Nutella and whip until smooth.

Roll out dough (use cocoa powder instead of flour to prevent sticking) into desired thickness. Cut into circles with a cookie cutter.

Bake 8-11 minutes. Let cool completely. Spread one cookie with filling, top with another cookie to make a cookie sandwich. Coat with sifted powdered sugar.

bowl of cookies a

Now that you have a tasty cookie in mind, I’m thrilled to announce the giveaway winner. Thanks to everyone who participated.

And the giveaway goes to…Megan Gordon! Be sure to check out her incredibly beautiful blog, A Sweet Spoonful. I’m a huge fan of her work and I know you will be too.

Bon Appetit!


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  1. Congratulations to the winner! What a nice blog she has. Your cookies looks scrumptious! I love the filling! πŸ™‚ I guess my bf would love them, I have to give them a go soon!

  2. when we had 2 feet of seawater in our last rental (about 3 weeks ago) and it had turned to 8 degrees that same night i longed for hot humid summer. oh how i miss thee.
    i crave choco year-round; lack of magnesium they say…

  3. Thanks again, El! I’m over the moon with excitement! These look great…I can’t believe you’re baking and cooking after literally just moving in. Hope the Craigslist hunt is going well. Don’t kill yourself!

  4. This is a beautiful post. I definitely agree about the winter but having one of these cookies would make me enjoy it much more! Thanks again or your incredibly inspiring blog!

  5. Congratulation to Megan, her blog is beautiful. Thanks for sharing her site with us.
    Those cookies look so delicious, perfect for chasing away winter’s dreariness.

  6. These look amazing!

    In Toronto, we have been quite lucky so far this winter. I think, overall, we had 2 days of slushy sidewalk and no snow storm… which is weird considering that in Virginia they are having a hard time with the snow now.

    Congrats to Megan!

  7. These cookies look fabulous and what a delicious combination of flavours – choc/hazelnut- you really can’t go wrong. Beautiful clicks!

  8. First time here, loving your blog. it’s very pretty and immaculate.

    Your sandwich cookies have all of my favorite ingredients, choc and hazelnut. Delicious!

  9. I’m always spellbound by your photos. Just fantastic! As if I wasn’t already craving chocolate enough, I may have to run out to the all-night grocery store and raid their candy aisle, just for a little sweet nibble.

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