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Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

chocolate ice cream

I saw a tree today covered with red leaves. The local farm stand is full of pumpkins and apples. The geese fly overhead every night at exactly 7 pm. I know these are signs of autumn but for some reason I just can’t let go of summer. Maybe it’s because summer was incredibly short this year, blunted by a month of chilling rain. Perhaps it’s because winter seemed interminable last year. Or maybe it’s because there is no “back to school” transition for us. Whatever the case, in our house, summer is alive and well – at least until September 22nd. Denial? Maybe. But if denial means feeling good while eating rich, creamy, chocolate ice cream…I’ll take it.

chocolate ice cream collage

You’ll love this simple recipe because no ice cream machine is required.

Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

2 eggs
1 egg yolk
90 g. sugar
1 cup heavy cream
150 g 70% dark chocolate, chopped
100 grams, chopped fudge brownie, chilled

Over a bain marie, whisk eggs and sugar continuously, about 5 or 6 minutes until white and sparkling. Strain and place in refrigerator until cool.

Melt chocolate and cool.

Once both preparations have cooled, fold the egg mixture into the liquid chocolate.

Quickly whip the heavy cream in your stand mixer until medium peaks form and fold into the chocolate and egg mixture.

Fold in the chewy fudge brownie pieces (I store the edges of my homemade brownies in the refrigerator just for this recipe).

Place in a freezer-safe container and freeze for about 6 hours until firm and ready to serve.

Last weekend, we were fortunate to enjoy some ice cream at Crane’s Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts – a wonderful place to relax and savor what’s left of summer. Owned and managed by the Trustees of the Reservations, the beach is maintained both for pleasure and conservation.

If you visit, be sure to stop by the Crane Estate. And if you really want to make it a trip to remember, the inn on the property is lovely.

beach collage

I’ll be ready for the fall soon…September 22 to be precise…but not a moment before.

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  1. Avatar

    17 September

    Holy cow this looks tasty, and right up my culinary alley, too. Bookmarking now!

  2. Avatar

    17 September

    Please don’t hang on too tight as we are hanging out for Summer down under!

  3. Avatar

    17 September

    OMG!!!! That ice cream picture is fantastic. Love it! Can we say tomorrow night’s desert? Merci.

  4. Avatar
    Rosa's Yummy Yums

    18 September

    That ice cream looks to die for!



  5. Avatar

    18 September

    same for me, I’ll stick to summer until the last minute! (and if I can do it with your chocolate ice cream….even better!).

  6. Avatar

    21 September

    I know, fall means winter is around the corner. I hear ya. Keep eating that ice cream and you should be just fine.

  7. Avatar

    21 September

    Only now did I find this amazing site through public radio. Bookmark! Bookmark! Bookmark!

  8. Avatar

    21 September

    That looks so gorgeous! We are heading towards summer over here (New Zealand) can’t wait!

  9. Avatar

    22 September

    Syrup- maybe I can join you in New Zealand when the snow starts to pile up here?

  10. Avatar

    22 September

    I agree with syrup. It’s gorgeous! I’m game for trying it out. what kind of chocolate do I use?

  11. Avatar

    24 September

    Amberlee- feel free to use any high quality chocolate. Find one that has a % on the label. I used Callebaut 70% dark.

  12. Avatar

    27 September


  13. Avatar

    29 September

    Stunning looking ice cream you’ve got there!
    This is my first visit to your blog and I just have to say that it’s beautiful. Your pictures are outright brilliant.
    I’m a newbie food blogger and I’ve added you to my side bar.Thanks for sharing this recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Avatar

    30 September

    Wow…that’s a gorgeous photo!

  15. Avatar

    1 October

    Thanks everyone. Shwetha, I appreciate your feedback. It inspires work harder next time.

  16. Avatar

    your blog is GORGEOUS! what incredible photography! I love this chocolate recipe, I seriously want to make this immediately. Thanks for the comment, i look forward to following your work.

  17. Avatar

    27 November

    I love the image of the spoons…. caught my breath for a minute there.

    Everything else is really beautiful. Your photography makes sweet things look even sweeter.

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