hot chocolate

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Guide

(image by Half-Baked Harvest)  It’s cold out there. The best way to stay warm and cozy this is a big cup of hot chocolate   Click on the links below to find…

Watermelon Hibiscus Agua Fresca

The weather this summer is incredibly hot. In parts of New England, it’s been 90 degrees almost every day. We all know there’s nothing better on hot summer days than a freshly…

Strawberry Rhubarb Gin Rickey Cocktail

You’ve got all that rhubarb and all those strawberries. What do you make? How about mixing it up with a dash of rum. Family Style Food has the recipe here. Trust us,…

Tangerine Turmeric Tonic

Tangerine Tumeric Tonic

One of our favorite ways to engage in self-care is to add tumeric to our recipes. Related to ginger, tumeric, was used for thousands of years as a medicine. It’s said to…

creamy cashew gingersnap lattes

Creamy Cashew Gingersnap Lattes

They’re called gingersnaps in the United States and ginger nuts in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Whatever you call them, these cookies were made for dunking in liquid. Imagine a coming…

Raspberry Lime Rickey

  As the world knows, our President is here on vacation this week. I have yet to catch a glimpse of him but can assure you the motorcade drive by does a…

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