16 Original Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

image by Flax & Twine Easter Egg Decorating   Headed out to the store to buy the same Easter egg decorating kit you had when you were six? There’s nothing wrong with tradition…

Preparing for New England Emergencies: Go-Bag

Hurricane of 1938, Cape Cod Canal, Photo courtesy of the Boston Public Library Pack a Go-Kit/ Go-Bag As you know, hurricanes and other types of severe weather events can spell disaster for…

holiday table

25 Stunning Holiday Table Ideas

image via Gray Likes Weddings   If you’re getting ready  for the holidays, you’ll appreciate these inspirational ideas for your table. Bring fresh and natural looking elements into your holiday table decorating…

Fresh New England Fine Art

The Fresh New England Fine Art Collection features some of the most stunning artwork from the Fresh New England photographic collection.

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