Although Americans take credit for inventing the candy apple in 1915, a number of British books from the 1890’s clearly describe characters downing and enjoying ‘toffee apples.’ The history of the caramel apple, seems a bit less murky and can be attributed to a Kraft’s food employee who, in the 1950’s melted down leftover Halloween caramels and stirred in apple pieces. It took a decade before a man in Chicago developed a caramel apple making machine.

If you’ve spent any time in New England, however, you know that “automating” caramel apples production would take the joy out of this quintessential autumn treat.

It’s true, in order to get the full fall experience, caramel apples must be made from scratch. Enter Brittany from the blog Pomelo, who graciously invites us to try the recipe at home. You can find her beautiful recipe for The Perfect Caramel Apple by clicking here. Just be careful- the mixture is hot!

And, don’t forget, you can pick delicious, juicy, fresh apples close to Boston or all around New England. Why not make a day of it?




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