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Wouldn’t it be great if the first day of spring were the official New Year? No slush, no snow, no freezing temperatures. No darkness and dreary winter days. After all, it is spring that is is a time of rebirth and renewal…a time of hope and change.I know there are many cultures that mark the first day of the year as the first day of spring. This year, I’ve decided to celebrate spring like I’ve never celebrated before.

Why? I’ve been either sick or injured sick since September. I lost half of the year and I’m still recovering. I want a do-over.

So I’m celebrating the New Year again. If nothing else, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on plans, hopes and dreams and ask, what can be done better? It’s a good time to figure out and recommit to what makes our lives worthwhile.

It’s time for a fresh start.

Who wants to join me?


spilled eggs
egg cup


Of course, I can think of no better way to celebrate than with dessert. To kick off the celebration, I made these incredibly addictive cookies that I know you’ll love. We haven’t stopped eating them since they came out of the oven. And the eggs…you’ll love the eggs.

Happy spring everyone. Here’s to hope and change!

Brown Sugar, Cinnamon & Vanilla Bean Cookies

250 g. butter
115 g. brown sugar
220 g. powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 vanilla bean with contents scraped out and set aside
2 eggs
410 g. flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tbs. brown sugar
120 g. sugar
2 tsp. cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In separate bowl mix flour, baking soda and nutmeg. Set aside. Cream butter. Blend in sugar, vanilla extract and vanilla bean contents. Add eggs one at a time, mixing after each addition. Add flour and mix until just combined. Do not over mix. Place dough in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

In a small bowl mix sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Remove cookie dough from the refrigerator. Scoop out a table spoon size portion and roll into ball. Roll ball of cookie dough into the sugar / cinnamon mixture. Place ball of dough on cookie sheet and press gently with palm of hand to flatten a bit. Repeat with remaining dough, spacing cookies at least an inch apart.

Bake at 350 degree for 10-12 minutes, until lightly brown at edges. Cool and serve with a glass of ice cold milk. The cookies will be slightly crunchy on the edges and chewy in the middle. If you want them to be completely crunchy leave out uncovered overnight.


Cookies and milk


Bon Appetit!




Fresh New England

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  1. Simple and delicious, not to mention gorgeous. I know a certain someone on the couch next to me would be very happy if I made these cookies. Happy new new year! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year and a fresh start to everyone. These past few months have s$&ked for me too. Wiping the slate clean would make me very, very happy!! The cookies wouldn’t hurt either.

  3. You poor thing. I’ve been following this saga for a few months and it sounds like a wretched nightmare. I don’t know how you’ve managed to bake and take such gorgeous photographs through all of this misery. Stunning once again. Happy Spring to you!

  4. Yes yes to a fresh start and the spring New Year. I love that idea! 🙂 It’s kind of depressing to start a new year when the weather is horrible outside and days are very short with just a few hours of sun shine! So I will definitely join you! 🙂
    Never made homemade cookies yet. I should give it a try though as I my bf really likes cookies! 😉 These look lovely, I like the brown sugar and cinnamon on top.

  5. Count me in for a fresh start too! Would it be too much to ask for spring weather to accompany our fresh start? It was brrrr chilly today in New England 🙂

    Those eggs are gorgeous! I’m going to look for them next time I’m at Whole Foods.

  6. I’ll be joining you in pausing and reflecting on life this week. I just received sad news this morning that my uncle has passed away from a heart attack. Life is short and we sometimes take others for granted.

  7. I want to join you EL. I have also not been in the pink of my health in the last few months.

    Its great how you come up with such beautiful posts though. I hope you recover soon and give us more beautiful posts.

    Love’n’hugs all the way from India!

  8. How do you take such fab photos on a regular basis? You take such a different approach to shooting dessert and I love it! I also love how meaningful your posts are. How are you able to do this if you’re injured? Please tell!

  9. Yes, I am loving the idea of celebrating new year again. I’m in!
    The last few months has been a blur. I want a do-over, too!

    Loving these cookies. I can never resist, particularly with a glass of cold milk!

  10. These are perfect cookies for my kids. They’re learning how to bake and they’ll be so happy to make this recipe. Have you tried freezing them?

  11. Sharon, I have tried freezing them. They actually freeze quite well. I wrapped each cookie in food safe paper and then plastic wrap. Then, I put them in a freezer bag.

  12. I am in love with this combination. I am in love with the pictures. And, frankly, I’m feeling downright lovey about your sweet blog. Thanks for visiting mine too!

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