This has been one of the most robust apple seasons in recent memory. We’ve been blessed with so many beautiful orchards allowing us to pick our own delicious, juicy apples. Of course, when most people bring home apples, they immediately think of baking an apple pie. There are times, at least in our house, when making a whole pie is simply too much. This is why the idea of beautifully wrapped apple dumplings is appealing. It’s elegant. It’s a single serving. And, we can make them in advance and bake them when the mood strikes us.


Jamie Schler, author of Life’s a Feast, is a writer, journalist and storyteller who moved from the US to live with in France with her family. From Nantes she shares with us inspiring and beautiful dishes that are a bit American, a bit French and all around delicious. Of course, her recipe for Baked Apple Dumplings reflects the crossover between cultures. to only is it stunning but it’s also heavenly to eat.


You can find the recipe for baked apple dumplings here.




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