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Call it house keeping, starting the New year off right, tying up loose ends or whatever you choose. It was time to take the leap and redesign the blog.

Welcome to my new space. Pull up a chair and get ready to enjoy a great chocolate dessert.


I’m about to introduce you to one of the best and most festive holiday desserts I’ve ever had the pleasure of making.


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First, let me tell you about the inspiration behind the recipe. You know how much we love Cape Cod, right? Well, it just so happens that a great restaurant recently opened called Vers Restaurant & Patisserie. You can read more about the chefs and see my photographs in the feature article I wrote here.


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Anyway, after the photo shoot, the Executive Chef and owner, Jonathan Haffmans and the Executive Pastry Chef, Stephen Jones were kind enough to share this recipe with me.

When I first saw the recipe, I was excited because I love chocolate pudding.  I was reluctant to add the rosemary and pepper because I’m not much of a fan of either ingredient. But I’ve tried their food and trust them so I went ahead and made the recipe as recommended. It’s simply divine.


by the chimneyplanterswreath


You’ll definitely want to add this establishment to your list of places to visit the next time your in Massachusetts. (disclosure: they’re not paying me to write this post, they just have great food). They’re also open year-round and the Cape is a fantastic place to visit off-season.


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This recipe is perfect for the holiday season. The pudding itself is very simple to make and is rich, creamy and smooth. The rosemary lends the slightest hint of evergreen to the flavor and the pepper gives it just the right touch of spice. The milk jam and brioche crumble work in concert to provide the perfect mix of textures for your palate.

In short, you have to try this dessert. It’s like eating Christmas.


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Speaking of Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and lots of great food. Happy New Year!


coming homespoon full of pudding


Salt and Pepper Holiday Chocolate Budino with Rosemary Milk Jam, Shredded Brioche, Fleur de Sel and Tellicherry Pepper 

Chocolate Budino

Milk, 2 Cups
Dark Chocolate, 4oz, chopped
Butter, 1 Tblsp.
Cornstarch, 2 Tblsp
Sugar, 1⁄2 Cup
Cocoa Powder, 1Tblsp.

Bring milk and butter to a simmer over medium heat. Combine cornstarch, sugar and cocoa powder in a separate bowl. Temper milk mixture to cornstarch mix by gradually adding the hot milk in stages. Once all is incorporated, return to heat and add chopped chocolate. Whisk constantly till it becomes smooth and reaches a simmer. Turn off heat, push through fine mesh strainer and chill immediately. Cover with surface with plastic wrap.

Rosemary Milk Jam

Fresh Rosemary, 8 Sprigs
Whole Milk, 3 Cups
Cream, 1⁄2 Cup
Sugar, 1 Cup
Vanilla Bean, 1ea, split and seeded
Corn Syrup, 3 Tblsp.
Baking Soda, 1 tsp
Butter, 4 Tblsp, room temperature

Combine milk, cream, sugar and rosemary and bring to simmer while stirring often. Lower heat and let reduce by half. Add baking soda carefully, the mixture will expand rapidly. Add corn syrup. Continue to cook and stir till it becomes light brown in color. Remove from heat. Push through a fine mesh strainer and cool to room temperature. Add butter and mix till well blended. Chill.

Shredded Leftover Brioche

Brioche 1 Loaf
Powdered Sugar, 1⁄2 Cup

Take leftover, day old, brioche and remove crust. Using fingers pinch and pull the brioche creating rough pieces of all different shapes and size. Place bread pieces onto a sheet pan and dust with powdered sugar. Let sit at room temperature, uncovered, for 24 hours. Store in airtight container for up to three days.


Fleur De Sel Sea Salt (or another type of sea salt)
Course Ground Tellicherry Peppercorns (or another type of peppercorn) Unsweetened Soft Whipped Cream


Remove budino mixture from cooler and whip by hand to smooth out any lumps. Spoon three dollops of budino evenly across the plate. Top each dollop with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Top each dollop with a piece of shredded brioche. Place rosemary milk jam around outside of plate. Garnish with a spoonful of unsweetened soft whipped cream.

My cooking notes: I only had 4 sprigs of rosemary so that’s what I used. Also, I found I had to cook for quite a while to get it thick. While it’s not difficult to make, I found this tutorial helpful.


Bon appétit! 

35 thoughts on “Holiday Chocolate Budino

  1. How I have missed these peaceful and edifying posts, El! Since I have also subscribed to your “full site”, I only get notifications from it, and no longer receive the notifications from your dessert blog. I know, that is so odd. I have been meaning to let you know much sooner… thankfully am getting to it now. Should I unsubscribe and re-subscribe to just the dessert posts? I love all your work, but these are my fav. I wanted both.

  2. What a fabulous display of pictures! and the pudding looks amazing! And since it has no eggs, perfect for me!

    Wish you a great year ahead full of love, creativity, inspiration and happiness.

  3. I just found your website and love it. I live in Cape Cod and am looking forward to getting down to Chatham to check out the restaurant. It looks divine! So does the chocolate budino. I wonder if it’s just okay to make the pudding part?

    • Hi Kate,

      Thanks for stopping by. If you live on the Cape, it’s a pleasant change. You won’t regret stopping by. And, yes…the pudding by itself is excellent!

  4. I love the new design of your blog, El. It looks amazing! This chocolate dessert is dreamy. Anything with chocolate is my weakness and I think I would enjoy the rosemary flavor. Sounds exciting.
    I hope you have had a good Christmas and I wish you happy holidays, El, and happy 2014!

  5. The blog design is stunning! I showed it to my son who has been working on my blog but has been wanting to recreate it entirely and very similar to your own. Your photos are gorgeous and oooh I want to be here this Christmas! Too beautiful and festive! And I adore chocolate budino… a wonderful recipe! Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks Jamie. I appreciate your input. I had never tried bud ion before so it was a treat for me too. Hope you had a good holiday!

  6. I love the makeover, El! So clean and fresh and open. :-) And I adore these gorgeous wintry photos. :-) It’s so blazing hot here in Oz right now that your pictures are a precious escape. Wishing you a wonderful holiday. :-) xo

  7. Beautiful makeover to your site, El!

    I made my first salted caramel budino this year so I know I would love your recipe – including the red pepper and rosemary. After all, red and green in the holiday spirit :)

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. What did you do to the blog? I ❤️❤️❤️ it. Absolutely love. Gorgeous photos. I def look forward to this yummy recipe!

    • Liren, it’s so good. You won’t regret it. Just be sure to use excellent quality chocolate. Merry Christmas to you too!

  9. Oh, El. This is stunning. I love what you’ve done with the space. The dessert looks sensational and I’m going to tell my husband about the restaurant tonight. Happy holidays and happy 2014!

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