Incredibly Good Chocolate Chip Cookies

April 6, 2016

chocolate chip cookies | Fresh New England


Hopefully, it’s the final snow. One day the magnolias are blooming, the next, the roads are covered in white. Being cold does make you crave rich gooey, chocolate chip cookies.

I’m always on the hunt for the elusive “perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe” but never seem to find it. This time, I hit the jackpot with these Incredibly Good Chocolate Chip Cookies.


chocolate chip cookies | Fresh New England


Of course, I first had to hall out the camera and trudge through the snow. Cookies are always taste better after a long walk in the snow.


snowy trail shining through winter trees barn in snow chocolate chip cookies | Fresh New England chocolate chip cookies | Fresh New England


The good news is that the snow is already almost gone. So are the cookies.


walking the snow trail chocolate chip cookies | Fresh New England chocolate chip cookies | Fresh New England


I’d love to say I spent hours whipping up the perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe but I didn’t. The cookies are different from your standard chocolate chip cookies. They’re more dense. They’re crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

As Mary Berry would say on The Great British Baking Show, “they’re scrummy.”

Why mess with perfection? You can find the recipe for these fantastic cookies over on Ashley’s blog: “Not Without Salt.”  Ironically, the only thing I changed, was that I didn’t sprinkle them with salt. Either way, I know you’ll love them.


Bon Appetit!




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