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Bondir Concord

Imagine a menu that changes daily, that is creative in both presentation and content and that is rooted in local farm ingredients. Now imagine viewing this menu in a restaurant that is elegant and refined yet comfortable, warm and cozy. Fine wines are poured, unique and delicious appetizers and entrees are served by the crackling fire and suddenly you’re in a place that transcends time. Bondir Restaurant in Concord, Massachusetts is a wonderful blend of old and new – classic New England ambiance with a bit of Parisian flare.

How about trying Golden Russet Apple Normande Salad with Heirloom Chicories, Jasper Hill Cheddar, Tarragon, Liquorice and Almond Vinaigrette? The Sweet Potato Custard Tartine Oat Flour Crust, Seared Teff Polenta, American Chestnuts, Winter Vegetable Mignardises and Mustard Snow sounds incredible. Perhaps you’d like a dessert of Calvados & Dark Chocolate Mousse, Roasted Quince, Rangpur Lime Marmalade and Lemon-Rosemary Shortbread? These are just a few of the stunning items that graced the Bondir menu in February.

Executive Chef and Owner, Jason Bond and his wife Monica Higgins have poured their hearts and souls into this restaurant and it shows. We recently caught up with Chef Bond at his new restaurant and spoke with him about his work.


What made you decide to open a restaurant in Concord, Massachusetts?

Driving through Concord one day, I saw this space being demolished. I popped my head in for fun and it was a nice size, great location, and worth considering. It took a year to get the lease signed, and most of a year to get it built. I wasn’t looking to the suburbs, but I think I am lucky with the space I found. So, now I own two restaurants, one smack in the middle of Cambridge between Harvard and MIT, and one in the center of historic Concord, MA the center of so much American history, a vast number of farms, and a population that cares deeply about their land and food.


How does Bondir Concord differ from Bondir Cambridge?

Bondir in Cambridge and Concord are based on the same principles. Find the very best products available, and serve them in a way that highlights the ingredient (not the chef), with tasteful presentation and preparation. Aside from that, change and uniqueness is our commonality.

It’s a beautiful space. Can you talk a bit about your restaurant design and how it compares to Cambridge?

The design of Bondir Concord is not meant to mirror that of Cambridge. It is its own restaurant for its own community.  The design is meant to reflect my sensibilities and my desire to offer a complete experience.

I believe that a restaurant is more than just the food. It is the materials, the floral arrangements, the small touches visible from every seat in the restaurant that let you know somebody took your dining experience into consideration. Or hopefully the guest won’t notice, but just feel very comfortable and relaxed.

We looked to have the restaurant make sense within the context of Concord, but not beat you over the head with the Emerson/Alcott thing. We wanted the design to tell the same story as the menu-the strong history, as well as the vibrant and active and influential community that is here now.

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We have some great ideas sprouting up so watch this space for more delicious finds.
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We have some great ideas sprouting up so watch this space for more delicious finds.